The Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program

SeniorRONOTE: When the competition is launched, it will be advertised in the NEWS section of this website. Please check the timeline for general dates of competition.

The candidates will be selected through open, merit-based competition. Grants are awarded in any field except clinical medicine and are available for:

• conducting research at the U.S. institutions
• lecturing in the United States

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

• hold Romanian citizenship; green card holders and persons with dual (Romanian and U.S.) citizenship are ineligible;
• hold a PhD or equivalent (certified) in a relevant area before departure to the U.S.;
• show a proficiency in English corresponding to the proposed research or teaching project; English language proficiency results and/or TOEFL scores are not required; interviews will be conducted in English.

Applicants are also expected to:
• be representative and responsible citizens, with a demonstrable potential to enhance the mutual understanding of culture and values in Romania and the U.S;
• share the acquired professional experience or disseminate results of the research/ teaching upon return, contributing to their specific area of knowledge;
• show motivation and flexibility necessary to adapt effectively to life in the U.S.;
• be active players within the local democratic context and contribute to the development of the Romanian society.

In cases in which two candidates receive the same score, preference will be given to candidates who have not received previous funding or spent extensive time in the U.S. Former recipients of Fulbright Visiting Scholar grants are suggested to check with the Fulbright Commission on their eligibility before applying.


• an online application form (including a detailed statement of proposed activity for research and/or lecturing at a U.S. university);
• three letters of reference, directly uploaded to the online application by recommenders or mailed as signed official paper copies; the letters of recommendation are also accepted via email ( if they are sent directly by the recommenders, as scanned signed documents;
• a photocopy of the PhD diploma e-mailed to;
• invitation letter(s) from potential U.S. host institution(s) provided by mid December; multiple affiliations are not recommended;


The Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program provides international travel, accident/sickness insurance and a monthly stipend covering accommodation and living expenses.

DURATION OF THE GRANT is between 3-6 months.


Selection Steps:

• applications are pre-screened;
• the assessment of the projects is performed by Fulbright alumni and leading Romanian and U.S. scholars in the respective fields of knowledge;
• the applicants recommended by reviewers will be invited to an interview carried out by a bi-national panel, in the first half of January;
• the nominated finalists are subject to final approval by the Foreign Scholarship Board (FSB)

The assessment of the Fulbright applications is organized in two stages, aimed at encompassing two different aspects. These distinct approaches contribute to defining a comprehensive image of the applicant's performance during the entire competition, in accordance with the aim and mission of the Fulbright program and the expected results after return.

First Phase
CartiThe Screening Process: applicants are evaluated by 2 specialists in their respective field. The evaluation of the professional level of the applicant's proposal is based on the following criteria: significance of the proposed theme to the field; importance of the project to the home country; clarity of the proposal; academic credentials; evidence that research in the U.S. is necessary to accomplish the project; feasibility of project in terms of available time and resources; plans to disseminate research findings in Romania;

Specialists can be American or Romanian and must fulfill the following criteria:

• have at least a Ph.D. in the same field or academic area as the person screened;
• be in leading positions in their departments or fields;
• be members of highly regarded academic institutions (e.g. Romanian Academy);
• have a sound ability to read and speak English;
• be available and willing to participate in the process;
• keep confidential our collaboration.

Frequently, screening specialists:
•have U.S. academic experience;
•are Fulbright alumni;
•are recommended by Fulbright professors whose judgment we trust.

Second Phase
The Interview: The evaluators on the interview panel are American and Romanian specialists in various fields of knowledge. The interview stage envisages aspects such as motivation, adaptability, project impact and benefit for home country, in addition to the professional criteria used for the previous screening process (see above).


After the ranking following the interview, the list of the Romanian nominees and their proposals will be forwarded to Washington DC to be approved by the International Fulbright Scholar Board of Directors.


The Council for International Exchanges of Scholars (CIES) will team up with the Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission in order to carry out the Romanian finalists' affiliation process to U.S. host universities. First exchanges will begin in August-September, the year following the application.

All the candidates selected for a Fulbright grant are required to submit a Medical History and Examination Report if and when demanded.

The letters of reference will not be considered if they are submitted//postmarked after the deadline of the competition. Only complete online applications will be accepted.


  • April:
    competition opens
  • April - October:
    presentations and seminars are organized in different academic centers and at the Fulbright Commission
  • Mid October:
    application deadline
  • November- mid December:
    applications are reviewed by specialists; short-list prepared
  • Mid December:
    short-listed candidates are invited to the interview
  • Early January:
  • Late January:
    Notification; finalist applications are sent to CIES in Washington D.C.
  • Late March – August:
    placement of candidates for the first and second term carried out by CIES and the Fulbright Commission
  • Early June – early December:
    Fulbright Terms of Appointment are signed; J1 visa paperwork
  • Early July:
    Pre-Departure Orientation for Romanian Grantees
  • Late August – early February:
    Fulbright exchanges begin

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Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission

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