Why Take the USMLE?

Poza 5.25 … The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is a three-step examination for medical licensure in the United States.
… The USMLE assesses a physician’s ability to apply knowledge, concepts, and principles that are important in health and disease and that constitute the basis of safe and effective patient care.


What Is It Like?

The USMLE is administered in English and it encompasses three exams, called STEPS. Each of the three steps complements the others; no step can stand alone in the assessment of readiness for medical licensure.
•    Step 1 assesses whether you understand and can apply important science concepts that are basic to the practice of medicine, with special emphasis on principles and mechanisms underlying health, disease, and modes of therapy. Step 1 includes approximately 320 multiple-choice test items, divided into seven 60-minute blocks, administered in an eight-hour testing session. Further information is available on the official website at;
•   Step 2 Clinical Knowledge/CK assesses whether you can apply medical knowledge, skills, and understanding of clinical science essential for the provision of patient care under supervision and includes emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention. Step 2 CK has approximately 370 multiple-choice test items, divided into eight 60-minute blocks, administered in one nine-hour testing session. Further information is available on the official website at;
•    Step 2 Clinical Skills/CS uses standardized patients to test medical students and graduates on their ability to gather information from patients, perform physical examinations, and communicate their findings to patients and colleagues. You will have 15 minutes for each patient encounter and 10 minutes to record the patient note. If you do not use the entire 15 minutes for the patient encounter, the remaining time will be added to the time you have to record the patient note. The testing session is approximately eight hours. Further information is available on the official website at;
•    Step 3 assesses whether you can apply medical knowledge and understanding of biomedical and clinical science essential for the unsupervised practice of medicine, with emphasis on patient management in ambulatory settings. It is the final examination in the USMLE sequence leading to a license to practice medicine without supervision. Step 3 has approximately 480 multiple-choice test items, divided into blocks of 35 to 50 items. You will have 45 to 60 minutes to complete each of these blocks. Step 3 is a two-day examination containing computer simulations. Further information is available on the official website at


When & Where Can I Take This Exam?

According to the information released by Prometric representatives who administer the computer-based USMLE test, at the moment there are no testing centers for Step 1 and Step 2 CK in Romania. You may, however, take the Step 1 in Hungary.


Please access the Prometric website and select United States Medical Licensing Exam from the Directory for details on testing locations around the world.

Step 2 CS is administered at five regional Clinical Skills Evaluation Centers in the United States.

Step 3 is given at testing centers in the United States and its territories.

How Much Does the Test Cost?

According to the information posted on the website of the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), in 2012-13:
•    The examination fee for Step 1 is $1,000 ($820 exam fee plus $180 International Test Delivery Surcharge for testing in Europe);
•    The examination fee for Step 2CK is $1,025 ($820 exam fee plus $205 International Test Delivery Surcharge for testing in Europe);
•    The examination fee for Step 2CS is $1,440.


According to the information posted on the website of Federation of State Medical Boards at the fee for Step 3 is $800 with a few exceptions: Iowa $830, South Dakota $930, and Vermont $815.

Note: variation in fees may occur, so please check regularly the official websites USMLE, ECFMG, FSMB for the latest information!

How Do I Register for the Test?

Poza 5.24First you must meet the eligibility requirements, so please check the relevant section in the USMLE Bulletin of Information and on the official websites USMLE or ECFMG. Then you can apply for Step 1 and Step 2. Application materials will include fee information and a deadline for submitting applications. You must use current application materials to apply.


Applying for Step 1, Step 2 CK, and 2 CS
You will find instructions on the ECFMG website
Please closely read the USMLE registration bulletin, follow the application instructions, complete your application, and submit it to the ECFMG.

Applying for Step 3
To request information on Step 3 eligibility requirements and application procedures, follow the instructions posted on the website of the Federation of State Medical Boards, or contact the FSMB or the medical licensing authority to which you wish to apply.

Applicants to ECFMG Certification are required to read both the ECFMG Information Booklet and the USMLE Bulletin of Information

The USMLE Bulletin is available online at
The ECFMG Information Booklet and application materials are available on the ECFMG website

The Fulbright Commission is not involved in the administration of standardized tests. Therefore, please contact ECFMG Services or Prometric Test Center for up-to-date information as well as for any problems you may experience concerning registration, receipt of the admission ticket, etc.

What to Expect on Test Day?

… What to bring/not to bring at the center? … What is allowed/not allowed in the testing room? … Which are the ID requirements?...


Please closely read the relevant information in the Information Bulletin to find out which are testing regulations and rules of conduct.
The 2014 Bulletin is available for free download at

When Do I Get the Official Scores?

According to the information on Scoring in the 2013 Bulletin you should allow at least eight weeks after you took Step 1, Step 2CK and Step 3 in order to receive e-mail notification that your scores are available.
When Step 2 CS results are available a message on Reporting Results is posted on the official website


How Can I Prepare for the Test?

The best preparation for the USMLE is a general, thorough review of the content reflected in the examination specifications in Tables in the USMLE registration bulletin.


You should also review further information on examination content and test format, plus FREE tutorial and practice test items for multiple-choice questions available at the USMLE website

For a fee, registered examinees may become familiar with Prometric testing environment by registering for Practice Sessions on the website.

According to the information available in the ECFMG information booklet, there are no test preparation courses affiliated with or sanctioned by the USMLE program. Information on such courses is not available from the ECFMG, FSMB, USMLE Secretariat, or medical licensing authorities.

At FEAC, you may access USMLE Step 1 and 2 prep resources for free, during public hours. The Center currently stocks the following titles:
•    NMS: Review for USMLE - Step 1 (2nd edition, 3rd edition);
•    NMS: Review for USMLE - Step 2 (2nd edition, 3rd edition).
“Getting into a Residency - A Guide for Medical Students” (4th edition) is also available at the Center.

The preparation materials can only be checked out for study in the reading room and cannot be photocopied. To check out materials in the reading room, you need a valid ID.

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