Why Take the GMAT?

Poza 5.27… It is your first step towards a career in business, as it is required for admission to more than 5,400 graduate business and management programs at over 1,900 schools around the world.
… It helps graduate business schools assess the qualifications of applicants to an MBA program or any another advanced business program.
… The scores are considered a reliable predictor of the applicants’ academic performance in the first year of graduate management program. Nevertheless, the test does not require any particular knowledge in the business field, as mentioned in the GMAT Handbook (formerly the GMAT Information Bulletin) you may access at

What Is It Like?

According to the information available in the Handbook and on the official website, the GMAT includes four sections:
•    Analytical Writing Assessment: consists of a 30-minute writing task which measures your ability to think critically and to communicate your ideas;
•    Integrated Reasoning contains 12 questions to be solved in 30 minutes. Question types include multi-source reasoning, graphics interpretation, two-part analysis and table analysis. As of summer 2012, this section replaced one of the two writing tasks that the test formerly had;
•    Quantitative measures basic mathematical skills and understanding of elementary concepts, and the ability to solve quantitative problems and to interpret graphic data. 75 minutes are available for 37 multiple-choice questions;
•    Verbal includes questions testing reading comprehension, sentence correction, and critical reasoning. You will have to solve 41 multiple-choice questions in 75 minutes.


You will have three and a half hours to complete the exam, but plan to spend approximately four hours at the test center, including optional breaks.

Poza 5.17The GMAT is a computer adaptive test (CAT), which means that it is administered on a computer at the test center and the questions adjust to your individual ability level. At the start of each multiple-choice section of the exam, you are presented with a question of medium difficulty. As you answer each question, the computer scores your answer and uses it—as well as your responses to any preceding questions—to determine which question to present next. Correct responses typically prompt questions of increased difficulty. Incorrect responses generally result in questions of lesser difficulty.

This process will continue until you complete the section, at which point the computer will have an accurate assessment of your ability level in that subject area. In a computer-adaptive test, only one question at a time is presented. Because the computer scores each question before selecting the next one, you may not skip, return to, or change your responses to previous questions.

When & Where Can I Take the Test in Romania?

According to the information available on the official website, in Romania the GMAT is administered only in Bucharest, at ComputerLand Romania, Monday through Friday. The computer-based test center is located at nr. 15 Fabrica de Glucoza St., sector 2. For more information on the location of the testing center and on the available test dates, please go to their official website, or call 021 204 6766; 021 204 6750; 0744 501 444.

How Much Does the Test Cost?

The GMAT fee is $250 plus $60 (Romanian VAT of 24%), according to the information available on the GMAT website


The fee entitles you to one online official score report for you and up to five reports that the GMAT Program will send directly to the institutions you designate at the test center, on the day you take the GMAT, before you start the exam. After the test, you will have to pay a $28 fee for each institution you want scores to be sent to.

How Do I Register for the Test?

Poza 5.19Registration method varies according to payment method: credit card (most convenient) or bank check. Note: the card does not need to be in your name, so you can use the cards of family or friends.   


If a credit/debit card is available (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or JCB), you can register:
•    Online on the official website log in, create an account and follow the homepage links. It is the fastest way to get your confirmation!
•    By Phone: call the Regional GMAT Customer Service responsible for your desired test location at least three business days before your intended test date. According to the information on page 1 in the Handbook, Romania is included in the Europe/MiddleEast/Africa service area (e-mail:; phone: +44 (0) 161 855 7219, 9 am to 6 pm Greenwich Mean Time; Fax: +44 (0) 161 855 7301). Your confirmation number, appointment time and the address of your test center will be given to you at the end of your call.
•  By Fax: complete the 3-page long GMAT Appointment Scheduling Form available on and send it to the Regional GMAT Customer Service responsible for the test location you have chosen. Be sure to include your credit card number on the form.

If a credit card is not available, you can pay by bank check and register by mail.
•    In order to be issued a bank check you can approach any bank that conducts hard-currency transactions and pay the fee. The beneficiary of your bank check will be PEARSON VUE–GMAT, as mentioned in the Handbook. The bank name and its location should be preprinted on the face of the check. Taxes must be included.
•    The check and the appointment form need to be mailed to the U.S. address (Pearson VUE; Attention: GMAT Program; PO Box 581907; Minneapolis, MN 55458-1907; USA) as mentioned on the form.
•    The registration documents must be received at least 10 calendar days before the desired test date to allow for processing, so be sure to send them at least 3 weeks before the intended test date.
Useful tips:
•    Photocopy the appointment form and the bank check and keep the copies for reference.
•    Send your test registration by registered mail (scrisoare recomandata cu confirmare de primire).
•    Generally, you will receive your appointment confirmation by e-mail if you provide an e-mail address when you register. The confirmation includes information on the test date as well as the coordinates of the testing center. The Regional GMAT Service will schedule your appointment based on the information you provide. If none of the dates you requested is available, the GMAT Service will try to schedule you for a test date as close as possible to your choices.
•    If you do not receive your appointment confirmation, you must call PEARSON VUE at least three business days before your first-choice test date. Refer to the Handbook for contact information.  

In case you do not show up on your assigned day and hour for taking the test, the registration fee will not be refunded.

Re-test policy
According to information on page 3 of the Handbook, you may take the test no more than 5 times in 12-month period. You must wait at least 31 days after you take the exam before you can take it again. Also, if you score 800 on the test, you will not be able to re-test five years from your exam date.


The Fulbright Educational Advising Center is not involved in the administration of the GMAT. Therefore, please contact Pearson Vue, the company that administers the test globally, for any remarks or questions concerning the registration, confirmation etc.

The GMAT Handbook includes all the necessary contact addresses and telephone numbers and can be downloaded from the official website

What to Expect on Test Day?

… What to bring? … What is allowed/not allowed in the testing area? … Which ID forms are required? … Does the Palm Vein Reader apply to test takers in Romania?...


These questions and more are answered in the GMAT Handbook,

You can also watch this video on the testing facilities:

Curious how Palm Vein Reader works? Visit

For further information on test procedures and regularities please contact the testing center ComputerLand Romania
Before you begin the exam
, you may select up to five GMAT Programs to receive your Official Score Report.

When you complete the exam, you will be given two minutes to decide whether you want to cancel or accept scores. You will NOT be able to see your score before clicking accept or cancel. If you do not accept your scores, you will not be able to view them. If time expires before you make a decision, the system will cancel scores automatically.

If you accept scores, you will be able to see unofficial scores from the Verbal and Quantitative multiple-choice sections, along with the Total score. The Unofficial Score Report will also contain an authorization number that you will need to access your Official Score Report.

When Do I Get the Official scores? How Do I Request Additional Score Reports?

According to the information available on the official website and in the GMAT Handbook, the official score report is available online to you and the designated score report recipients approximately three weeks after the test date. You may also request to have your scores mailed to you. Allow approx. 4 weeks after the test date for mail delivery.
Poza 5.18 In addition to your Verbal, Quantitative and Total scores that you were able to see on test day, Official Score Reports include: Analytical Writing Score, Integrated Reasoning score, as well as all scores from GMAT exams you have taken within the past 5 years.


The scores are based on the difficulty level of the questions answered correctly as well as on the number of questions answered. Verbal and Quantitative scores range from 0 to 60. Analytical Writing scores range from 0 to 6 and are computed separately from the scores of the multiple-choice sections. Total scores range from 200 to 800.

If you have taken the exam and canceled your scores, your report will note that scores are unreportable but not include what they were.

Additional score reports

If you did not select any GMAT programs to receive your scores on the day of your exam, or if you would like to send your scores to more than the five programs you selected on your test day, you may order Additional Score Reports to be sent to schools online, by phone, by fax, or by mail for a $28 fee for each additional score report.

Further details on how to order Additional Score Reports are available on the official website at

GMAT scores are valid for 5 years.

How Can I Prepare for the Test? Computer-Based, Paper-Based & Online Resources

Poza 5.20At FEAC you have free access to our up-to-date GMAT prep materials! To see what books and software are available at our center please check the Test preparation section. The preparation materials can only be checked out for study in the reading room and cannot be photocopied. To check out materials in the reading room, you need a valid ID.


You may download GMAT prep Software for free from the official website:
It includes practice questions with answers and explanations, a comprehensive math review, plus two full-length tests.

The complete list of possible questions for the Analytical Writing Assessment can be downloaded from:

A sample analysis of an Argument Question is available at

You can also visit the links below with online GMAT  preparation, some free, some for a fee:
Free practice test.
Free test after you sign up with your name, email and zip code which can be a Romanian one. You will receive a confirmation email from Veritas Prep with a link and an access code.
Live online tests; you need to register.
Some free practice questions for self-assessment.
Free sample questions, answers and explanations.
Free practice math and verbal questions.
Five tests for $45.
Free sample questions. You can download tests for a fee.
Sample quantitative questions.
You need to register to have access to the practice test.
One free full test. Study guides are for a fee.
Verbal, Quantitative and combined tests.
Free test for which you need to register.
Sample questions.
Problem solving, data sufficiency, sentence correction, critical reasoning, and reading comprehension questions.
Free full, verbal, quantitative tests, for which you will get the answers but not the detailed explanations. Plus e-lessons.
Here you may sign up for paid online plans (from $149.50).
Information on the test and sample questions.


This section has been developed by FEAC staff based on visitors’ questions regarding this test, and to further support your journey to the U.S.!  
You may like to send YOUR interesting question so that we can expand this section.


Q: I have read on some universities’ webpages that they accept the GRE scores for admission to their MBA program. Others require the GMAT… Shall I take them both?
A: Some institutions welcome the GRE score for admission to some MBA programs. There are also master’s (non-MBA) and or Ph.D. business programs which accept the GRE scores. You need to check admissions requirements with every school/program. . If some of the programs you are interested in only mention the GRE and others just the GMAT, it is worth your while to email them and see if some are willing to accept the other test too.

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