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Poza 6.1In order to help you get closer to U.S. education, the Fulbright Educational Advising Center makes available a range of online resources, very useful for everyone interested to learn more about becoming a student in the USA.

How to finance Grad school:  

Poza-6.2The following webinars have been devised and held by the Fulbright Educational Advising Center in order to facilitate your access to data and information about U.S. education. Here is the complete list of webinars and a timetable for upcoming events.


Student/F1 visa

Poza 6.5You do not need to have a U.S. visa when you apply. The visa only becomes relevant when you need to physically be on a U.S. campus.  International students enrolled on U.S. campuses enter the USA on an F-1 visa. After applying, getting admitted and funded, you will accept one school’s offer and receive the I-20 form from them. You will use this document to apply for your visa, alongside other documents like your acceptance letter and financial aid offer.  

Visas ar usually issued for the duration of your academic program. Even if you already have a U.S. visa – say the B-1 visa for tourists – you will need to apply for the student visa. According to our records at the Fulbright Educational Advising Center, legitimate students are always granted the visa.

Full details on the U.S. Embassy in Romania’s website, here.

Pre-Departure Orientation.

Poza 6.6The Fulbright Commission offers students admitted to U.S. universities a full-day Pre-Departure Orientation held usually in mid-July. The orientation program is meant to facilitate the students' cultural and academic adjustment during their study or research program in the United States. The training program includes workshops and sessions featuring U.S. Embassy reps and Romanian and U.S. students and professors who share their U.S. academic experiences.

Everyone accepted to a higher education program in the USA is welcome to attend the Orientation before they leave for their study program in the U.S.. Contact us for details!
Before you leave Romania to start your U.S. program, double-check that you have all the documents you will need for your travel and stay in the United States:
•        Passport and non-immigrant visa: hand-carry your passport and certificate of eligibility (I-20 or DS-2019) with you at all times during your travel. On the plane, before you land, you will complete the Arrival-Departure Record (I-94 form). At the point of entry the U.S. Customs and Border Protection will take your biometric fingerprints and photograph. Part of the I-94 will be stapled into your passport. Do not lose it! The stapled portion will be removed when you leave the United States;
•        Confirm that you have the I-20 or DS-2019 issued by the school or program you will be attending;
•        Contact information: have the name and phone number of your international student adviser on campus, in case you need to call him/her upon arrival in the United States;
•        Birth certificate and marriage certificate, if applicable. Be sure to obtain notarized translations of these certificates if they are not in English;
•        Medical documents: bring certificates of immunizations and vaccinations, prescriptions and medical and dental records. Many U.S. schools have specific immunization requirements you must meet before you can enroll in class. Make sure you meet them before you leave for the USA;
•        Academic transcripts: bring your official transcripts, outlines, or description of courses you have taken, and contact information of the office for international students on your U.S. campus;
•        College or university acceptance letter;
•        Financial aid letter/proof of availability of funds for U.S. study.

The visa application process and traveling to the USA are comprehensively covered during the Pre-Departure Orientation you can attend at the Fulbright Commission.


Stay connected!

Stay Connected! Share Your Story!

Poza 6.7Going to the U.S. to study after working with FEAC for your application makes you part of the Fulbright-EducationUSA worldwide community. In order to bring more students closer to U.S. study opportunities, we actively inform our audience about Commission and Advising Center activities and the achievements of Romanian students in the U.S.

As a vital part of our community, please keep us posted on your activity and latest results by sending us periodic articles, pictures, video or written testimonials, links to your blogs and any other materials you think would be of interest to the Fulbright-EducationUSA network. We will post them on our website, in our newsletters and on the Fulbright Educational Advising Center and Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission’s social media accounts.

Best of luck on your U.S. academic adventure! We look forward to your updates!

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