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The Advising Center offers a wealth of free of charge in-person and online services for students interested in U.S. admissions as well as for their support system – parents and teachers:

Admissions Training programs: several sessions designed for undergraduate and graduate applicants, offering theoretical and practical insight into the application process to study programs in the U.S. Please see our calendar section for scheduling details. Regular updates are also posted on FEAC’s Facebook page.
Online advising:

  • o Webinars (online seminars)Poza 1.10
  • o Virtual college fairs;
  • o Digital video conferences;
  • o U.S. university weekly news;
  • o Comprehensive website;
  • o FEAC Facebook page;

Individual advising sessions: 30-minute meetings for in-depth personalized admissions help from a U.S.-trained adviser; Read more...

The purpose of these individual sessions is to offer you the opportunity to get customized guidance and specific answers to your admission-related questions. Individual advising is not meant to assist you with filling in test registration forms or applications to U.S. programs or any of the Fulbright awards. Such issues will be handled by Fulbright staff members as follows:

  • Questions about the Fulbright grant programs will be answered by the Fulbright Program Assistant;
  • General questions about application and admission to independent study programs in the U.S. will be answered in group advising sessions and in ad-hoc consultations with the Advising Center staff;

If you have specific issues which you want to address in an individual advising session, please contact us at

Guided individual study, including test preparation, in the study room;

SAT test administration, FEAC is one of four testing centers currently in Bucharest;

Financial aid opportunity counseling;

Admissions essay/statement of purpose evaluation: only for your top essay;

Translation certification for official transcripts and financial documents;
Important note regarding essay evaluations and translation certifications: for critique and feedback, please send us an email detailing your current academic context, teaching/research/work experience, admissions test scores (TOEFL/IELTS, SAT/ACT, GRE, GMAT), recommenders, U.S. universities/ programs you are applying to and application deadlines. Also, are you applying online or via post? Poza 1.11Read more...

For an essay evaluation, also send us the final draft along with the essay topic/prompt, word limit, and any other essay requirement set by the university. The admissions essay/statement of purpose evaluation service is not available to Fulbright grant applicants.
For translation certification, please send us the original documents (scanned) and your translation of them in an editable format (Word, NotePad).
Please allow around two weeks for our response on account of volume of activity;

U.S. university highlights: presentations and videoconferences;
U.S. culture training: for academic and cultural adjustment;
U.S. business culture training: internships;
U.S. admissions summer schools: comprehensive, one-stop 3-day training programs targeting the top students in a region of Romania.

Keep informed about the all-free services offered by the Fulbright Educational Advising Center through the Services and Calendar sections under About FEAC.


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"FEAC represented a most valuable source of information on the U.S. application process. At FEAC I learned about opportunities available to Romanian students, the U.S. educational system, and the best fit schools one should apply to. Read more...


I learned essential info which helped me be successful in the application process. For me, FEAC was the best place to study for the SAT. The group admission training and focus sessions were also very constructive and informative. One has the chance to exchange ideas and thoughts with educational experts and also with other high school students who want to study in the U.S. or are already enrolled there. I believe the most important thing that FEAC does is creating a strong network of people who help each other and share the same goals.

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I would like to thank the FEAC team for its commitment and support. I highly cherished their enthusiasm in helping others accomplish their dreams, their proficient work, innovative methods and eagerness for improvement. I am extremely grateful for FEAC's help."

Roberta Raileanu, Princeton University, NJ, class of 2016

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Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission

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