Internships for Romanian Students

Internships for U.S. Students


Internships for Romanian students

Internship highlights: Undergrad & Grad
This section celebrates major projects our interns contribute to ever so creatively. We hope it will also help prospective interns get a feel for the many exciting projects they can conduct as members of our vibrant team.

Undergrad interns

Poza 1.28"Dear Alexandru,
Thank you for applying to our internship program and welcome to our powerful team of Fall interns. [...]".

This is how September 2011 started and so did my junior year in high school. I was thrilled that I got the opportunity to spend 3 months working at the Educational Advising Center, here in Bucharest, together with the most incredible human-feline team you'll ever meet. I instantly connected with the people there and, by the time the first week passed, I really got a feel of the atmosphere at the Center.
What really struck me was that in my second week as an intern I was already meeting university reps from top U.S. institutions, such as New York University Abu Dhabi, St. John's University and, most recently, Romanian students at University of Richmond.
This experience helped me tremendously to better understand the differences between a U.S. education and a Romanian one, to create my own system of selection college-wise and, last but not least, it literally placed me face-to-face with the U.S. academic culture.
Looking back, I don't regret applying for this position and if I had the opportunity to do it again, I wouldn't have any doubt. I have made some friends for life, I feel I have developed new skills and I certainly got myself a home away from home.
Here I am, at the end of a chapter and the beginning of a brand new one, feeling the same as before, somewhat anxious regarding my own application, but more confident that I will be one of the returning students that have presentations of their U.S. universities hosted by the Center."
Alex Rosca, "George Cosbuc" Bilingual National College, Bucharest, freshman at New York University, Abu Dhabi campus


Poza 1.29"I started my Fulbright internship not knowing what to expect. I applied because I knew that the FEAC staff was really nice and because I was sure I would learn a great deal from them. Even so, my three months as a FEAC intern were much better than I ever expected.
What I enjoyed most about the internship was the intellectual freedom that the advisers granted to us. To be an intern at FEAC means accepting the responsibility to do things well, your own way. During my internship, I had an idea for a new project (no spoilers!) and even though the project was daring, the team accepted it with open arms. Advice for future interns? Give free rein to your ideas and dare to be innovative."

Matei Epure, Senior, graduate of "Tudor Vianu" Computer Science National College, Bucharest & student at Middlebury College, VT

Poza 1.30"Being an intern at FEAC was an amazing opportunity that I will always cherish. I had the chance to work with wonderful, understanding and friendly people who guided my steps and activities and supported my suggestions and plans. The atmosphere was always ideal for a "workplace" and it was always a pleasure to take part in the daily routine of work and excitement. Be it database management or front desk duty, my internship was diverse, stimulating and entertaining.
The most rewarding activity that I took part in during my internship was RIUF – the RomanianInternational University Fair - where I got to interact directly with many people interested in U.S. study. What a challenging, but also fun task! Alongside my internship fellows I developed essential communication and team work skills, which I consider crucial for my later development. But more than that, I developed friendships.
One of the many opportunities I got as an intern was meeting a lot of people from different countries: be it Romanian students currently studying in the U.S. or representatives of great U.S. universities, it was always a pleasure to meet and interact with accomplished people, learn from them and strive to end up just like them.
I warmly advise all of you to join the Fulbright Advising Center as interns, and guarantee you will not regret it!"
Ioana Pavel, "Mihai Viteazul" National College, Bucharest


FEAC Intern Promotes U.S. Study in His High School

Poza 1.31RevistaLZR, "Gh. Lazar" National College's magazine, is currently highlighting our Advising Center and the complex role it plays in the admissions process to U.S. universities through an article available on its website, here.
The piece was penned by FEAC intern Alin who is a Lazar student.




Grad interns
Poza 1.32"I admit that before my first day as a FEAC intern, I didn't know all there was to know about the U.S. educational system, about what liberal arts entailed or the way courses were taught in the U.S., with the students encouraged to exercise critical thinking and closely work with professors. At FEAC I learned about all these issues, and much more. I discovered an educational system completely unlike the European one I was accustomed to, as well as a fantastic work atmosphere, full of passion and optimism. I smile fondly every time I think about it.
In my three months as a FEAC intern, I took part in many interesting activities. We participated in RIUF - the Romanian International University Fair - where the FEAC team successfully represented the beautiful U.S. educational system. The event took two days during which the team was on call around the clock, interacting with over 1,000 visitors. Another event I'll never forget is the magical "Libraries Night" that introduced us to the brand new U.S. Embassy headquarters, where we learned more about U.S. culture and got to interact with Ms. Elizabeth Gitenstein, the U.S. Ambassador's wife.
Activities at the Center were always interesting and engaging, and the team constantly offered support and inspiration. I took part in admissions training sessions, interacted with U.S. university reps, did research and creative work, and I even staffed the front desk, which I really enjoyed. To sum it up, my internship wasn't only a wonderful experience in itself – it also helped me build a bridge to a place I will always be happy to return to."
Ioana Iordache, ASE Bucharest graduate


Internships for U.S. students
FEAC offers competitive internships for U.S. university students interested in gaining experience in the field of International Educational Advising. Learn more about the program and read our interns' feedback in the U.S. Educators hyperlink section of our website.
Poza 1.33Poza 1.34

One of the many attractive features of U.S. higher education, that is, the inclusion of practical activities in the curriculum, is perfectly reflected in the internships the Advising Center offers to high school students.

The flexible part-time internships provide students with a myriad of opportunities to learn more about the U.S. admissions system, meet U.S. university representatives and connect with other prospective applicants while honing their skills and competencies in advising, creative marketing, IT support, event management, and more.

Learn more about the program and read our interns' feedback here.

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