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The Fulbright Educational Advising Center/FEAC is an intrinsic part of the Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission and the global EducationUSA network.

FEAC is instrumental in furthering the Commission's mission to enhance mutual understanding between the USA and Romania and to promote enhanced intercultural skills. In addition, FEAC is affiliated with the U.S. Department of State and part of the EducationUSA global network spanning over 470 centers in more than 170 countries.

EducationUSA centers worldwide are the official source on U.S. higher education. FEAC's mission is to provide students in Romania with comprehensive, accurate, and updated information on U.S. study opportunities.

FEAC is also the no. 1 institution in Romania offering free online and face-to-face training programs for competitive admissions to U.S. undergraduate and graduate programs in the USA.

The Fulbright Educational Advising Center promotes all U.S. accredited higher education institutions. However, it does not endorse or rank any college or university, nor does it endorse services provided by any company or organization in the areas of test preparation, admissions, placement, language training, or visa procurement.

Read more about our EducationUSA ethics and guidelines here. 

Full information on EducationUSA policy regarding commercial recruitment agents here. 


Who we are

Poza 1.3Our center has served well over 100,000 Romanian students since its inauguration in 1993 by providing in-person information, and significantly more if we consider the website traffic: over 356,000 page views – over 293,000 unique page views – over Apr 2008-Feb 2013. The services offered by the Advising Center have enjoyed a significant boost over the past 15 years, with constantly expanding resources available for students, increased expertise, and upgraded infrastructure.

With a well-stocked library of regularly updated college catalogs, guides, reference books, and directories, FEAC offers free extensive information and guidance on a wide range of topics.

FEAC Testimonials

Poza 1.5"My first contact with the FEAC advising center was in October 2011. I was in the 11th grade and volunteering at the Romanian Intl University Fair. There, I had the chance to speak to one of the FEAC advisers and find out about all that FEAC has to offer to an aspiring student.Read more...

I started visiting the center, and discovered that the advisers were not only knowledgeable and able to help me through each phase of the U.S. application process, but also supportive and patient enough to respond to my hundred questions.
During the group and individual advising sessions I found out all I needed to know about the Common Application, financial aid, and everything else relevant to my endeavors. The workshops and video sessions showed me what a successful application looks like and taught me what to emphasize in my application (my personality, my skills) and what to avoid (cliches, generalities).
Moreover, at the Fulbright Educational Advising Center I had free access to SAT and TOEFL books and software that were extremely useful in my preparation for these exams.
All in all, I consider that my first meeting with a FEAC adviser in October 2011 was a stroke of good fortune for me. I say this because FEAC gave me not only crucial help with my application, but was also there for me as a "friend" – one that stands by you and encourages you over a long period of time, without showing any signs of fatigue."

Iulia Tamas, Ploiesti, freshman, BA at Yale University, CT


Poza 1.6"Ambitious, patient, self-confident – these are the words that I would use to characterize a successful applicant to a U.S. university, especially since the admission process can be complicated, time-consuming and costly for a Romanian student. Luckily, I had one more thing apart from my determination to be successful - FEAC was there to help me with precious advice and very useful resources.Read more...

In order to gain admission to a U.S. university, every single element in my application package had to show that I was fully prepared to be a top student. This is what FEAC taught me and helped me accomplish. In their extremely useful webinar series for both undergraduates and graduates, FEAC presented strategies on how to maximize test scores and obtain full financial aid. Then, during my visits at their headquarters, FEAC reviewed my top admission essay, provided resources on how to write a perfect résumé, and gave me full support when I was applying for a U.S. visa.
I received extremely generous financial aid offers from 80 percent of the universities I applied to. In great part, I feel I owe this to FEAC: being advised by the experts is always the most effective key to success."

Diana Oprinescu, Hunedoara, MA in International Affairs at Marquette University, WI


Poza 1.8

"FEAC helped me with its full-range support and in-depth advice about the U.S. application process and exams. They also encouraged me to be confident in my abilities. One important advice that I was given at FEAC was to maintain an organizer of my application process: programs I am interested in, full details about them, communication with prospective graduate supervisors, dilemmas. It helped me a lot to have everything in order."
Cristian Vasile, Bucharest, PhD in Robotics at Boston University, MA

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Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission

Adress: 2 Ing. Nicolae Costinescu Street, sector 1, Bucharest, Romania
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